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Who is Lewis Brindley?

Lewis Brindley (Xephos) is an English entertainer and founding member of the Yogscast. He has entertained millions through tough times with his video content. He used to be a science journalism but eventually started up the Yogscast with his friends, to become one of the largest YouTube channels in the UK.

What is this page about?

Lewis has shown high levels of integrity this past year while dealing with a lot of drama in his company. Caff and Turps were both outed for predatory sexual behavior, two creators at the Yogscast (and Turps was even the CEO!). Turps had to step down and Caff was fired, but this whole thing has been a mess for the Yogscast overall.
However, throughout all of this, Lewis has stood up the entire time. He has accepted reports directly and handled everything extremely professionally, asking those who may have been affected to come forward, and even going back to older reports that were dismissed against a creator and another friend of his, Sjin, suspending him and getting them investigated by a third party. Rather than sweep things under the rug, Lewis has stood up for justice in his company and said enough is enough and decided to have everything handled properly. Most other companies would just fire people at the first glance of an allegation or they would just sweep it under the rug - both decisions in the name of the brand - whereas in the Yogscast, things have been in the public eye and Lewis has even opted to have the accusations against Sjin directly investigated by an HR company.
He pointed out how easy it is to see evidence wrong, either to see it as fake or as real when it really is the opposite, and rather than just go with the best PR move he has stood strong for his team and for his community. He's a real stand-up guy and while having entertained millions of people and gotten them through hard times, he has also been through a lot involving his close friends just this past year.
The Yogscast also raise millions for charity ever year with the Jingle Jam.

Thank you Lewis!

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